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Supporting Partners

AltAProM International was originally formed in 1984 as Pregelj Process Engineers (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. and provided process engineering, consulting and project development services to clients in oil and gas processing, water and waste water treatment, minerals processing and chemicals manufacturing.  In 2005 we began developing systems for early opportunity identification and managing project portfolios.  In 2007 our focus moved to feasibility studies in mining and energy projects.  In 2012 we recognised common deficiencies in project set-up and delivery and expanded systems and tools to support owners and technology developers in the crucial early project phases.  AltAProM now has over 150 systems and tools covering all facets of Project Feasibility, Bankability and Delivery



Gamma Energy Technology P/L has more than 20 years experience in working for Global Mining, Aluminium and Energy companies.  Gamma Energy Technology was formed in 2013 and has:

  • Demonstrated capabilities in identifying and managing operational and strategic risks in improving viability and reducing risk in company processes and procedures.

  • A proven capacity to establish and execute successful communication strategies with multiple stakeholders, through experiences drawn across Rio Tinto and Australian based not-for-profit groups. 

  • Shown to offer experienced energy expertise, with both academically and industrial focused work published.

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