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Clean Energy Consulting

Clean Energy Consulting can offer services in the following:

  • Power Generation Technologies

  • Hydrogen Supply Chain Technologies

    • Electrolysis, thermal conversion, transport & storage​

  • Energy Resource Assessments and Evaluations

  • Techno Economic Modelling

  • Assessments of Power Generation Options

  • Innovation & Risk Workshop Facilitation

Our Services

Supporting Our Region

Working with clients, vendors, technology providers, energy consumers and producers throughout the Asia Pacific


CEC's experience in the Asia Pacific is an invaluable asset which gets applied to all our projects.

Links with Key Technology Vendors

CEC's links with technology vendors positions it well for direct and quality engagement with the best the region has to offer.

Supported by AltAProM and Gamma Energy Technology

CEC's expertise is underpinned by key working relationships with both AltAProM and Gamma Energy Technology - combining to bring years of relevant experience to your project.

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